WA State Compliance Requirements (Retail)

8 modules


Course Length
240 mins

Rikki Lee



Washington State Cannabis Compliance Requirements
for Dispensary and Retail Workers

Laws and regulations you need to know to stay in compliance

Your job and your employer’s business depends on your compliance with Washington state’s laws and regulations governing the legal cultivation and sale of cannabis. Cannabis is one of the most highly regulated businesses in the world. Whether you’re a budtender, dispensary receptionist, accountant or work for a maker of infused products or other cannabusiness, there are hundreds of rules and regulations that you must know and follow.

Practice converting different products into equivalent units.

But it’s worth it. Cannabis is going to be a huge industry and you’ve got an opportunity to be in the ground floor. Don’t blow it because you don’t know the rules and regulations, or you take someone else’s word for what you need to know and do.

Learn compliance from the experts, Cannabis Industry Institute. Our Washington State Cannabis Compliance Requirements course covers all the bases in one interactive and highly engaging self-paced online course. Protect your career and your employer’s business. Enroll today!

Understand the security requirements of retail stores.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Ensuring proper employee and visitor ID
  • Categorizing required indoor and outdoor store signs
  • Describing the five groups of cannabis violations
  • Tracking the steps in the violation process
  • Verifying store security and video surveillance
  • Restricting customer access to product
  • Maintaining and reporting business records
  • Fulfilling traceability system requirements
  • Identifying acceptable and unacceptable forms of customer ID
  • Correcting common mistakes in ID verification
  • Using ID checking tools properly
  • Applying the CANNABIS method of checking IDs
  • Handling fake and fraudulent IDs
  • Checking medical recognition cards
  • Recognizing proper product packaging and labeling
  • Naming the different types of prohibited products
  • Listing medical and recreational product limits
  • Discussing why customers must pay with cash
  • Learning sales violations and consequences
  • Conducting lawful transportation of cannabis
  • Quarantining products properly
  • Complying with state inspections
  • Sending products for safety testing
  • Disposing of cannabis waste for environmental safety
  • Understanding safety violations and consequences


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Cannabis Industry Institute Certificate of Completion

Module 1: Producer/Processor Operations
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Module 2: Producer/Processor Business Practices
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Module 3: Basic ID Checking
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Module 4: Advanced ID Checking
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Module 5: Restrictions on Cannabis Sales
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Module 3: Producer/Processor Safety and Environmental Concerns
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Washington State Cannabis Compliance Requirements (Producer/Processor) Final Exam
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End-of-course evaluation
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To successfully complete the course and receive a Certificate of Completion you must take and pass the final exam with a score of 80% or better. If your final exam score is less than 80% you can review the course and retake the final up to two additional times. If you fail to achieve an 80% score on your final exam after three attempts you must re-enroll, pay, and re-take the course to try to achieve a passing score.

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