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Washington State Cannabis Compliance Requirementsfor Dispensary and Retail Workers Laws and regulations you need to know to stay in compliance Your job and your employer’s business depends on your compliance with Washington state’s laws and regulations governing the legal cultivation and sale of cannabis. Cannabis is one of the most highly regulated businesses in the world. Whether you’re a budtender, dispensary receptionist, accountant or work for a maker of infused products or other cannabusiness, there are hundreds of rules and regulations that you must know and follow. Practice converting different products into equivalent units. But it’s worth it. Cannabis is going to be a huge industry and you’ve got an opportunity to be in the ground floor. Don’t blow it because you don’t know the rules and regulations, or you take someone else’s word for what you need to know and do. Learn compliance from the experts, Cannabis Industry Institute. Our Washington State Cannabis Compliance Requirements course covers all the bases in one interactive and highly engaging self-paced online course. Protect your career and your employer’s business. Enroll today! Understand the security requirements of retail stores. Read More

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